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Helping your child settle at school


With most of our children having a longer time away from nursery and school than ever before, it is a worry for some parents as to how they will settle back at school this month…


However, there are ways to ensure your child feels confident and relaxed when they start their new journey this year…


Online meet and greets

Most schools have offered Zoom or Skype meet and greets which are perfect for your child to get to know their teachers and fellow students. Their teacher and any teaching assistants provide your child’s safety net while at school so you want them to build trust very early on. Just having a familiar face will help your child on their first day of school.


Encourage friendships and bonding with other children

When school has started, set up playdates at home or picnics with their friends. By showing your child that you like their friends it encourages them to carry on with the forming of friendships. The most important thing is not to force friendships on them with other children because of your own social standing or friendship groups. These friendships could be too forced and could, in fact, put your child off socialising.


Establish a Routine

 If this is your first child starting school you will soon realise that getting your child ready in the morning can be one of life’s most frustrating chores. By setting a routine before they start school, this should help with the process. Getting your child to wake up, get out of bed and get dressed independently as well as eating meals and snacks at the same time as the school will help them acclimatise to their new surroundings.



Encourage independence

 Helping your child build independence is extremely important for their future and builds their resilience. By encouraging your child to do everyday tasks themselves such as introducing themselves to new people, asking for help and packing their own school bags will help them build independence.



Having a Positive Attitude

 Children pick up on their parent’s emotions, so on the first day of school make sure you are positive and in the right frame of mind. Save the tears till after they’ve gone into their class. Have something positive for your child to come home to on the first day – it doesn’t have to be big, just a little treat, and remember to talk about their day and their experiences.


And finally, don’t dismiss any worries or fears they may have. Allow them to ask lots of questions and answer them honestly and openly. Remember, a lot of the anxiety your child might have is that you might find their problems silly. Reassure your child that you understand every one of their worries and that everything will be fine.


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