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Government Update – Lockdown measures review


Yesterday evening, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson led the daily news briefing with an update on the lockdown rules.

Mr Johnson confirmed that the five tests that needed to have been met during lockdown have now been met. The five tests included: 1. Making sure the NHS could cope. 2. A sustained fall in the daily death rate. 3. Rate of infection decreasing to manageable levels. 4. Ensuring supply of PPE and Covid-19 testing. 5. The confidence that any adjustments won’t risk a second peak.

Because all five tests had been met, Mr Johnson outlined the following changes to lockdown which will come into effect on Monday:

Mr Johnson also reminded the country that these changes may change in the future depending on any increase in cases and to control the virus everyone must continue to stay alert and follow social distancing guidelines.

This comes as good news to a lot of people, especially being able to socialise outdoors with more than one person from different households.

Please remember,

Stay Alert. Control the Virus. Save Lives.


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